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Help Codematic continue to offer excellent Spreadsheet development information and provide useful products, tools and services.

Excel Developer conference Wednesday 25 Jan 2012.

200 GBP inc VAT and 50 GBP Early bird discount for booking before Friday Jan 6th 2012. (price increases to 250 from then).

Conference Location

  • The Skills Matter Exchange
  • 116-120 Goswell Road
  • London, EC1V 7DP
  • Phone +44 (0)207 183 9040
  • Link/Map here


(Link goes to simple paypal button to give Codematic Ltd 200 GBP. We will confirm your booking by email, generally within a couple of hours. VAT receipt available.)

Excel Developer Conference
Early Bird (before 6 Jan 2012)

Other donations:

Many site users have contacted us wanting to help support our free technical content and our range of free tools.

You can do that by making a donation.

We are in the process of converting from a shopping cart based, buy software then download it process, to an honesty box approach. Download the software, if you find it useful then donate some money to help support further developmnet, and to help us support you in your use of it. The free download section is under development. Bu there are the buttons if you would like to help us help you.

Full VAT receipts are available.


Worksheet unprotector - 15 GBP
AltFileSearch - 30 GBP
Classic Ribbon - 10 GBP
Any other amount


More information about our services can be found here.


More information about our free technical content can be found here.


Upcoming Events:

25 January 2012 - UK Excel Developer Conference - London

Products for sale:


Office 2007 FileSearch replacement logo

New information about the missing FileSearch feature in Office 2007 and details of our pragmatic solution (Current price GBP 30.00)


worksheet password remover logo

Instant Excel worksheet protection remover and password recovery (Current price GBP 15.00)

Classic Ribbon Tab

classic ribbon for office 2007 logo

Add Excel 97/2000/2002/2003 compatible menu structure to Excel 2007
(Current Price GBP 10.00)


Products coming soon:

Link Manager

(Find and control external links in Excel Workbooks)

Due by Q1 2111.

XLAnalyst Pro

(Excel VBA based spreadsheet auditing tool)

Due before the end of 2111.

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