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Free Excel Development Products

We have made several tools available here for free download. The source code is usually available free too, just contact us. Please let us know if you find them useful, or even more importantly if you find an error. Licence wise these are all 'as is', no warranty, etc etc. You are free to use them and make copies for personal use, but please contact us if you want to modify or distribute them or incorporate them into another product. A full licence is included with each and is available here. If that doesn't cover your questions then get in touch.

If you are on a corporate network, be sure you have permission to download and try these tools. If required we can liaise directly with your IT department to get approval for use.

All of these tools should be signed with our code signing certificate. If that does not appear to be the case with your version please get in touch ASAP.

Name Description More Details Link
QuickNav Simple drop down box on a toolbar that allows one click navigation to any worksheet or named range. Useful for larger workbooks, or those with many named ranges Here Zip | Self Extractor
ReferenceChecker Anyone who has developed addins or workbooks that rely on a specific workstation build will know the frustration of 'cannot find project or library', missing reference errors. This free tool helps troubleshoot client workstation problems. Run it on the development machine to load up the references your addin requires then, email it to clients, have them run it and return for a list of required components that are missing   Zip | Self Extractor
WorkbookStucture A one click updating index sheet for any non trivial workbook. Also allows multiple sheets to be hidden and unhidden together in named groups.   Zip | Self Extractor
Colour Map Colours all cells in a workbook depending on whether they contain a formula, a number or text. Very useful for spotting data type mismatch errors and where formulas have been overwritten with a value. Here Zip
Print Controller Adds a worksheet that allows sheets to be grouped together for 1 click printing. Here Zip
Menu Builder A simple table driven menu and toolbar creator. Creates a module that can be imported to a VB6 or VBA project to manage the whole user interface.   Zip

XLAnalyst Free version

A simple add-in to provide a quick risk assessment of a spreadsheet. Previously we have asked for an email address before allowing downloads of this, we collected thousands, and never abused those addresses. It would be nice if you email us if you download XLAnalyst, especially if you have some feedback (good or bad). Here Zip | Self Extractor
C xll Add-in A Visual Studio C++ 6.0 project that can be opened with every VC since. Contains a simple worksheet function that takes 2 numbers and adds them. It requires the Excel SDK files (available free from the Microsoft site) be in the include path or the same folder. Here Zip
VB6 Add-in A VB6 COM add-in base project correctly set up to work with Excel. Use as a start point for COM add-in projects. Here Zip
C# Add-in A C# class correctly set up for use in automation add-ins. Use as a base for C# projects that will expose worksheet functions directly in Excel. Here Zip
wsUnprotector Trial version of our extremely fast worksheet unprotector.This free version removes forgotten passwords from Excel worksheets, usually in under 1 second. Here Zip
CalcCounter A simple xll with a single volatile function that keeps count of the number of times it has been called, which equals the number of times Excel has calculated. Useful for performance analysis . Here xll
Quick Timer A simple worksheet based timer. Able to record multiple intervals. Accurate to the nearest second. Here Zip
My Excel A VB6 COM add-in to regain some control over certain Excel 'usability' features. Excel 2003 only. Here Zip
Anonymiser A simple workbook to strip identifying data out of workbooks Here Zip
Classic Ribbon Tab A demo version of our Excel 2003 style menus for Excel 2007 Here Zip
External Link Manager A demo version of our commercial External Link Manager add-in. Here Zip
Excel State Management code A free module to control Excel calculation and screen updating reliably. Here Zip
UK Excel User Conf Grid resources The workbook used in Simons 'Working Smart with the Excel Grid' presentation at the 2009 UK Excel User Conference. Here Zip
UK Excel User Conf VBA Intro resources The workbook used in Simons 'Introduction to VBA' presentation at the 2009 UK Excel User Conference. Note this goes beyond introductory level to cater for the more advanced members of the audience. Here Zip
Cell data type UDF A free xll containing a single function CellDataType, that returns what Excel really sees as the data type of a cell. Useful for cells that have zero length strings in them which can cause unexpected results with COUNTA, AVERAGEA etc.   Zip
DDE Server A freeVB 60.0 exe that runs as a DDE server publishing data that can be consumed from Excel Cells. Here Zip


Upcoming Events:

25 January 2012 - UK Excel Developer Conference - London

Products for sale:


Office 2007 FileSearch replacement logo

New information about the missing FileSearch feature in Office 2007 and details of our pragmatic solution (Current price GBP 30.00)


worksheet password remover logo

Instant Excel worksheet protection remover and password recovery (Current price GBP 15.00)

Classic Ribbon Tab

classic ribbon for office 2007 logo

Add Excel 97/2000/2002/2003 compatible menu structure to Excel 2007
(Current Price GBP 10.00)


Products coming soon:

Link Manager

(Find and control external links in Excel Workbooks)

Due by Q1 2111.

XLAnalyst Pro

(Excel VBA based spreadsheet auditing tool)

Due before the end of 2111.

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